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Yellow Jackets Athletics

Milton High School & Middle School


Yellow Jackets Athletics

Milton High School & Middle School

Yellow Jackets Athletics

Milton High School & Middle School


Follow These Steps to Open an Account and Register a Student for Upcoming Sports:

  1. Click on Account Login to the left of your screen. If you have an account, log in and go to step 7. If you don't have an account yet, click New Account.

  2. Complete the required information. Click Submit.

  3. To add new student athlete or additional guardian/parent click on Add New Member.

  4. Fill out the necessary information. Note: under medical information please fill out any information you want the coach or trainer to know about your student’s health. Click Submit.

  5. For a student once the general information is submitted click on Add New Physical and upload a physical sheet to be processed by the nurse. Note: you may skip this step and register the student for a sport.

  6. Then click on Add New Insurance and type in the Provider and Policy Number. Note: you may skip this also and register.

  7. To register the student for their sport click on Sports Registration at the top of the screen and find the sport.

  8. In the next screen mid way down the screen click on To Register Choose Member and choose the student (if not logged in this wording will be Please Login to Register). Once the screen reloads click on Add to Cart in the same place where To Register Choose Member was located.

  9. Once you see the student and sport in the cart on the left you may check out or you may add more sports (winter or spring) by repeating steps 7 and 8 or add more students to the cart by repeating steps 3 through 8. Otherwise click on Check Out to the left of the screen. Check each box signifying that you have read and agreed to each statement. And...

Congratulations! Your student is registered for his or her sport!! You may check back at any point to view the status of any incomplete requirements. 


Click here to register:
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